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Kissable K9 Clinic Appointment Request

Kissable K9 Care is a cosmetic teeth cleaning service that cleans your fur baby’s teeth below the gumline. They currently serve 70+ stores, private locations and animal charities in Ontario and are rapidly growing.

The service is for dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes and ages. Your pet is awake during the entire process and is comforted by swaddling and massaging in the technician’s lap. Tartar is then brushed and scaled off your pet’s teeth using hand instruments leaving a clean and fresh breath.

If for any reason your pet becomes frightened and distressed and the technician is unable to calm them, the procedure is immediately stopped and you will not be charged for the service.

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Kissable K9 Signup Form

Kissable K9 technicians perform pet dental cleaning days at our location on a monthly basis. Fill out this form to sign up for Kissable K9 cosmetic dental cleaning day at Meg's Paw Spa.